Pabobo Auto Night Light

Allebasi Educational Wooden Toys

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Pabobo Automatic Night Light

This elegant wall-mounted night light shines with a gentle glow to comfort in the dark, it's soft light is ideal for sleeping calmly through the night.

It's so simple to use, all you have to do is plug it in.

This night light turns on when night comes or turns off when the sun rises, and is photosensitive - automatically adjusting in brightness according to the ambient light. 


  • Shines with a soft glow in the dark
  • Turns on and off by itself
  • Brightness varies with ambient light
  • Just plugs in to a wall socket
  • Portable and long lasting
  • Energy efficient cold LED - doesn't heat up
  • Green
  • Pink


We love because: "they light up the hall to the bathroom"