Allebasi Kids based on the Gold Coast is an Australian owned and operated boutique specialising in educational wooden toys, swim collection and accessories

Allebasi (my daughter's name Isabella back to front) was started when Isabella was only 6 months old. She was given a wooden frog push toy from her Nanna and it was her favourite toy (it still gets played with 4 years later!)

After doing a lot of research and discovering the benefits of wooden toys along with the fond childhood memories we decided wooden toys were the way of the future. Any toy that can withstand years (or even decades) of use and be passed down to next generations has to be better for our children than plastics that break so easily and get dumped in landfill.

When selecting our toys we have strict guidelines and every criteria must be checked.

Allebasi Wooden Toys must:

* Have Non-Toxic Paints and Dyes

* Be made from Certified Sustainable Woods

* Meet all Australian Safety Standards and Regulations

* Be Safe 

* Be Educational

* Be Afforadable


 At Allebasi Kids we take great pride in our customer service, we are proud of our substantial customer base and high return of previous customers. If there is something you are after but we don't have it on our website, please contact us via Email or Facebook and we will be more than happy to try and source it for you.